What’s in a Brief?

Many of us designers work with briefs, sometimes detailed, sometimes lacking. In the upcoming meet up next Wednesday Nov 12th, we will take a look at design briefs, the problem statement, and how best to go about using a design process using service design methodologies or design thinking to work towards solutions. Using service design thinking can help us to avoid pitfalls by looking at designing holistic solutions that will have better longevity.

Meetup event rsvp here:The (Service) Design Process: Problem vs. Solution SDV-V2E3

To prep for the upcoming workshop part of the meet up, we have one little homework exercise for attendees to work on. Please print out the template and follow the instructions on the the printout, and bring it to the meet up.

Download here: DesignProcessExercise.pdf
We look forward to seeing you there and sharing with  you the benefits of practicing the service design thinking process!

By Kai Chu

Product & Service Designer ★ Photographer. Maker. Traveler ★ Locavore Foodist ★ A Lover of Simple Pleasures

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