Service Design Vancouver | Thinks & Drinks JULY 8, 2014

Hello all!

As most meet up events go on hiatus for the summer to enjoy the gorgeous and short-lived summers we have here, we thought we would have a social to keep-in-touch at the very least.

Come, socialise, network, bond, and share stories. Bring a colleague, bring a friend. Come one, come all.

In order for us to figure which venue best suits, so that we can get a clear idea on # of people interested in attending, please RSVP by July 2nd, using the link below.

Look forward to seeing you!

Service Design Vancouver | Thinks & Drinks – Service Design Thinking Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) – Meetup.

By Kai Chu

Product & Service Designer ★ Photographer. Maker. Traveler ★ Locavore Foodist ★ A Lover of Simple Pleasures