May Meetup- The Process of Service Design: An Overview

Post Global Service Jam, it was brought to our attention that some members would like to have an overview of the Service Design Process, how it all comes together, the larger picture. Thank you for the feedback!

We were happy to oblige with hosting a session to go over the Double Diamond process while providing examples for further understanding and discussion.

Afterwards we’ll have a viewing of some clips from the recent Global Service Jam, where we’ve captured how participants and their teams went about designing their service ideas. We had the fortune to have a few GSJam participants join us, who helped to answer questions pertaining to their experiences.

Click image below to view PDF slide deck.


By Kai Chu

Product & Service Designer ★ Photographer. Maker. Traveler ★ Locavore Foodist ★ A Lover of Simple Pleasures

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